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The Rosicrucians...

Rosicrucians are men and women who seek an understanding of the universe in which they live, who seek peace within themselves through self-knowledge, and harmony with their environment through the application of natural and cosmic laws. They seek a spiritual understanding of their existence and their relationship to the Divine Intelligence, or God. They are devoted to this learning and apply such knowledge to enhance their own lives and the lives of those they come across. Enthusiastic and nourished by the quest, they seek to improve their course in life through more creative and productive directions that bring greater happiness, contentment, peace and general prosperity into their lives. They know that when the individual is at peace with themselves, society becomes a unit of peace.
They know that as they improve their own relationships, careers, health and general personal development, they are contributing as an individual to the evolution of humanity as a whole. Such personal fulfillment and contributions reflect the inner urgings of their being that have always prompted them towards the path of unfoldment, understanding and mystical insight.

Yet this course is a challenging one. For once on the path, we find with every step towards knowledge, new light is thrown on existing beliefs and assumptions. As man once changed his conception from a flat world to a round one, so too must we be prepared for changes in perception, if indeed our search for truth is sincere. We must also be willing to meet the inherent frailties of humanity with compassion, for compassion is the Heart of the Rosicrucian.

Rosicrucians discovered long ago that one may either be controlled by circumstances around them or become the master of their fate. We are all met with challenges and obstacles, at times even despair, but how we meet and overcome them, shall build our future and the integrity of our being. True freedom and peace lies in the recognition of this fact.
We all seek this mastery of our life. Individually and collectively, we seek Peace Profound. Some of us have forgotten this urge. But those who have awakened or remembered this desire have begun, such as you, their search along the path.
The teachings of the Ancient Rosicrucians exist to help awaken and guide humanity in this quest.

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The Teachings...

The teachings of the Ancient Rosicrucians are a systematic sequence of study that guides one along the fascinating journey of self-discovery and understanding of natural and cosmic laws. The studies are developed through a structure of Degrees. Each Degree builds and unfolds from the previous Degree, and your development and attainment is a process through this Degree work provided in the form of weekly lessons or monographs.
The teachings are arranged with the intellect in mind, practical experiments to demonstrate laws and principles and exercises to awaken the intuitive and psychic functionings. It is a unified process acknowledging the duality of the student.

We have a mind that thirsts for knowledge.

The monographs cover areas of psychology, ancient philosophy, science and mysticism.

We want to use our mind to its fullest ability.

The monographs teach us techniques of meditation, concentration and the process of true visualization whereby you bring into manifestation your mental creation if honestly and purely desired.

We live in a physical world.

The monographs cover areas of health, the body and the relationship between mind, thought and the healthy functioning of the entire system. The monographs also deal with techniques of harmonizing the body and absently assisting others. The lessons provide practical knowledge of natural laws and experiments to demonstrate their effect in thephysical world. By understanding these laws, we become better equipped to master the daily aspects of our lives.

We want to understand our psychic selves and the use of our intuitive faculties.

There is nothing odd or mysterious about the non-material psychic senses. They are attributes of your consciousness. Fear and superstition have caused many people to suppress their psychic and intuitive awareness. The monographs provide extensive exercises to develop and reawaken these functions, so that the student may become more conscious of their perceptions and more receptive to their inner language.
These subjects and more are developed through the systematic process of Degree study, designed to address the various aspects of your being, from physical to spiritual, for the purpose of expanding your consciousness and latent faculties.

The intellect may be quick to learn and assimilate. Practical applications of natural laws are a matter of understanding and doing. However, your psychic development cannot be forced from a dormant state to an active one by simple demands. The intuitive faculties unfold in each person at an individual pace according to one's personal development and practice. This is the process that is unique to each student relative to their needs and desires.
There are many good schools and literature available that teach similar subjects. However, the uniqueness of the Rosicrucian system is its process, a process that cannot be described intellectually, but is experienced by the inner self.

It requires time for unfoldment. Ours is not a "instant enlightenment" course of study. It requires many years of dedication. It requires that you devote one study period per week of approximately one hour to read the lessons and conduct whatever experiments or exercises are addressed that week. It requires, if you wish to optimumly meet your goals of self-development, that you devote many free moments in the week contemplating and reflecting upon the principles of your current Degree work. Soon, however, the student learns this is not a difficult discipline, but rather a delight! Every moment in life can become part of the process, an opportunity to learn and apply. Boredom and disinterest become apathies of the past.

If life itself has a purpose, then it stands to reason that one's life would be directed to discovering and manifesting that purpose. Why then would one possibly object to devoting several years to the goal of self-development and mastery of life?
We live in an age of microwave ovens and impatience for the next fastest computer, both of which serve good purposes. But many of us in this fast-paced and impatient living have lost touch with our inner reality that exists apart from time and space. Many of have lost the ability to enjoy the creative process of true unfoldment.
In this rapidly changing, dynamic age of information overload, it becomes paramount that men and women reclaim their personal communication with their spiritual beings and reunite their inner and outer selves.

This is a profound journey and the Rosicrucians offer you a time-honored process that has served members of the fraternity for generations.

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The Fraternity...

Historically, the Rosicrucians have always been referred to as a fraternity.
"...After this manner began the Fraternity of the Rose Cross--first, by four persons onely...whilst this new building, the Spiritus Sancti, was now finished, they concluded to draw and receive yet others more into their Fraternity." (Fama Fraternitatus, 1614)
The Ancient Rosae Crucis, ARC is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit fraternity under Section 501 (C) (10). This is an important distinction, for the Tradition always declares itself a Fraternity.

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The Tradition...

The Tradition and Movement that ARC serves to protect and perpetuate is quite old and has had various cycles of activity and outward manifestation. Indeed, periodic reestablishment is intrinsic to the cyclic development and protection of the Movement which has survived many social and political changes throughout history.

An important reactivation of the Fraternity took place in Germany in the early 17th Century and spread throughout Europe and England. The printing press contributed to the dissemination of information such as the Fama Fraternitatus.

The Rosicrucians first came to America in 1694 and settled in Pennsylvania under the leadership of Johann Kelpius.

In 1915, there was a public reactivation of the Movement under the leadership of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. He set the authentic Rosicrucian teachings in written form for the first time. The Ancient Rosae Crucis was formed in 1990 to preserve those teachings and announced the Aurora in 1994. ARC is not associated with any other Rosicrucian organization.

The purpose of the Ancient Rosae Crucis is to preserve the Tradition, with its teachings and principles intact and to perpetuate the fraternity and essence of the Rosicrucian Movement.
Once a member of the Ancient Rosae Crucis, you become a member of a fraternity of men and women who seek to better their lives, deepen their personal relationship with God and bring light and conscience to human development.
Active members receive instructional guidance in the form of monographs to be studied in the privacy of their own home, and may seek association through our Lodges and Chapters for fraternal gathering with others of like mind.

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Historical persons...

Throughout the history of the Rosicrucians there have been many men and women associated with the Movement. Among them:

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