A Rosicrucian Primer Ancient Landmarks of the Rose Cross

New translation and transliteration of the famous Rosicrucian Manifestoes by two Germans and an American.

The Fama, The Confessio and Hermetic Marriage, plus The Rose Cross Unveiled by John Heydon.

An introduction by Vaughn Waldenses offers a historical and contemporary perspective to the Rosicrucian Tradition.

Also included is a Rosicrucian Catechism outlining the basic precepts of the old and new Rose Cross.

Anyone interested in the Rosicrucian Lore and its traditions should have this unique book.

Price: $10.95 U. S. Plus $2.00 shipping/handling.

Published by Holmes Publishing Group.

To order send check or M.O. in U.S. dollars, payable to ARC Funds and mail to:
ARC, P.O. Box 4764, Dallas, Texas 75208 (Texas residents add 8.25% Tax)

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