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  Vann (F80CBqEZ, XSK34PCL62G)
   23/01/2015 um 22:10
I don't think plants have 'nerves'.. they ceirltnay don't have a central nervous system which means pain is different for them than it is for animals.They can have leaves removed without suffering, and in fact even like being pruned appropriately.Of course tearing something up by the root and cooking it is not really doing the plant a favour (except think of potatoes and if you throw them away when they sprout you are propogating them).And don't get me started on eating sprouted things... THEY JUST WANT TO LIVE!!! (crunch munch yum).Fruit is an altogether different matter: plants intentionally make the fruit appealing as being eaten is a way for them to distribute their seed. Therefore when you eat fruit it's like you're having sex with the plant - you're helping them out and making them happy! They really do want you to eat those bits.However I'm not a fruitarian, for the reason explained above about plants having no central nervous system - I think they can suffer but it's not quite as straight forward as with animals. An unhappy plant is one struggling without the things it needs, diseased, etc. The carrots in my organic veg box look extremely happy, even after being grated - not sure why.Every food chain in the world has a plant as the first link, as they are the only ones that can convert the sun's energy through photosynthesis. Without the eating of plants, there would be no animal life on earth, so it really isn't a viable option to not do it.X
  Jory (UHs9VWhz, 6mklHrgtfK)
   22/01/2015 um 08:14
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